A lighting designer knows which light makes people feel comfortable.

So they can concentrate better at work, have a pleasant shopping experience, enjoy art or relax in the evening in public places. The lighting designer’s job is multifaceted and covers a very wide variety of fields. Independently of particular manufacturers, they decide which illuminant or lighting system is better suited for the project in hand in order to meet every requirement concerning efficiency, energy ratings and quality of light. To achieve this, they constantly keep their knowledge and skills current in the field of lighting technology. They develop bespoke lights for challenging projects in accordance with both the formal design requirements as well as budget.

A lighting designer needs to maintain a dialogue with all the contractors and those involved in the project to ensure smooth implementation, from the blueprint through to final completion. As master planners, they manage the project as a whole from the technical and the design aspects. Lighting designers view themselves as a partner who architects, property developers or owners can rely on. The aim of their work is to support the ideas behind the architect’s original design and to render the architecture through light. They thus create distinct and measurable added value – to the benefit of the client and their project.



Tobias Link Lichtplanung: who we are, what we do

Tobias Link lighting design studio has been in business since 1991. We, Tobias and Oliver Link, are the faces behind it. With every new project we rely on what sets a good lighting designer apart – our many years of experience in the profession.


We plan carefully to budget in line with the scale of building and with energy efficiency in mind, as we always keep up with new developments in technology. Thus the architect also benefits from our comprehensive, in-depth knowledge, which is also something that sets us apart from other specialist planners.

We develop customised solutions and bespoke lighting, while keeping the design within the limits of the given budget. We are familiar with the production process and can control it ourselves: this reduces costs and is often cheaper than using products from a catalogue, especially when large-scale projects are concerned. Assignments like this frequently result in series products. We request proposals for provision of testing services for each of our new products. An accredited German institute, as an independent assessor, checks on our behalf whether the lighting fixture or lighting system designed by us operates efficiently and meets requirements as expected We design and supply detailed planning guidance in 3D so that our final proposal is visualised in order to provide greater granularity.

Our work processes are transparent in accordance with the German HOAI (Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers) and we cover all individual aspects, from the initial evaluation through to site supervision. Our in-depth understanding of art and architecture is what enables us to be discerning in our work with shades of colours, along with designing lighting with general light (white light) and natural light.


Designs using artificial light

for shopping centres, hotels and restaurants, office buildings, museums, churches, businesses, private residences

Master planning for lighting

for towns and local authorities

Temporary architecture

for trade show stands, events, production sets, theatre stages

Lighting as art

Installations with acoustic, video and/or interactive elements

Lighting development

In collaboration with manufacturers, we develop lights to comply with special requirements, a service that is not available with series products.

Development of controls

The controls form the basis of every lighting installation. They combine energy values with the script for artificial lighting design, aiming for intuitive operation and connectivity.


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