Shopping Center

Lighting installation for ECE’s shopping malls – “Europa Galerie” in Saarbrücken and “Nova Eventis” in Leipzig

The goal at both shopping centres was to improve the quality of people’s stay through use of architectural light. Energy-efficient and stimulating lighting that encourages visitors to stay longer, resulting in higher sales.

Europa Galerie

ECE opened the shopping centre in October 2010. The plan for the artificial lighting was to merge the new gallery harmoniously with the old building, which used to house the mine management offices and is listed as a site of historical interest. Light joints in the floor and cornices on the ceiling mark the separation between the two complexes and create a connection between old and new.

Magical centre of attraction

The 25,000 m2 sales surface area is given rhythm with lights that project wide and narrow beams and draw shoppers’ attention. Ambient lighting in the form of downlights provides colour temperatures of between 3000 and 4200 K and, depending on the time of day, supports the transition between inside and outside. Where natural light is lacking, extensive illuminated ceilings brighten these areas. The illuminated façade of the old building is a focal point: gobo projections bathe it uniformly in light. This bespoke product had already proved itself at Nova Eventis.

Nova Eventis

After refurbishment, the ‘event mall’ celebrated its re-opening in September 2006 as an exciting place of discovery with a 76,000 m2 sales area. The lighting concept was intended to communicate this approach visually. The theme for the two-storey shopping area was “four seasons”. Alternating colour scores appear, projected from light cornices, dynamic colour ceilings and four illuminated pylons.

Unknown dimensions

The main entrance is reached through the car park in front, through the installation called “The Living Seas”. A floor-to-ceiling arch sculpture welcomes shoppers with interactive light and sound installations and puts them in the mood for their visit to the cathedral of consumption. This backdrop was rated “Outstanding“ at the DP3D awards in 2006 and was nominated for the German Design Prize in 2007. The lighting concept focussed in particular on the design of the exterior. Framed projections accentuate the façade, the pool of water acts as an interactive stage and a globe of light continues the theme of water teasingly. According to ECE, the use of the very latest in lighting technology, which was frequently employed in the projects by way of bespoke lights, saves around 20% of the energy costs in the new buildings. Photos: ECE Europagalerie Saarbrücken, Tom Gundelwein, Oliver & Tobias Link