A biodynamic lighting concept for Möbel Martin in Kaiserslautern

Light has a positive impact on us. Above all, when it feels authentic. This was the maxim for the lighting project in the Möbel Martin group’s store when it underwent refurbishment in 2015. The brief was to redesign the 30,000 m2 showroom area during the course of modernisation. The challenging project included the development of a bespoke LED light and a modular lighting system, which sets a new technical standard with its dynamic controls for natural light.

A harmonious balance

There were strict conditions governing how the lighting project was to be implemented. The deadline was tight, the system had to ensure that investment and maintenance costs were kept low, that upkeep was simple and the existing HIT downlights were replaced with energy efficient ones. Previously,16 different types of lights had been in use and did not spread light evenly. The lighting concept was therefore aimed at giving the whole property a visually homogeneous frame.

Individual in grand style

Open floor spaces and large areas, display booths, the specialist ranges with exhibition pods and the kitchen department constitute the main areas of the furniture store. The focus is clearly on the products on show, the linear design of the lighting is less conspicuous visually. The bespoke light now replaces a large number of different models. It has two reflectors (with a narrow or wide beam) and there are curved versions so it can adapt to different ceiling situations. It is practical and can be positioned to suit. Reflectors with a narrow light beam project onto areas such as cooking islands or banners. In the case of shelf or pod fronts, the light spreads downwards evenly without the shelves needing separate lighting. Reflectors with wide beams ensure a balanced level of light and pleasant atmosphere. The high colour rendering of the illuminants guarantees that impressions of finishes and colours are realistic.

Taking the sun as model

Sunlight governs our circadian rhythms and important processes in our bodies. The high-performance LEDs work with “tunable white”: depending on actual conditions on the outside of the building, they provide a spectrum similar to natural light from 3000 to 5000 K, which energises or relaxes. This also results in a high potential for savings. Today’s LED technology makes it possible to achieve solutions of this kind in the area of “human-centric lighting” (HCL). The new modular system is 55% more energy efficient to operate and offers maximum comfort, both for customers and staff. The bespoke light is now available as a standard light. “instalight PROSALE 1021” is the obvious solution for widespread use in shops.

Photos: Tom Gundelwein